Questions about editorial services

Does my project need editing?

All written works need to be edited in some manner or another before publication. What type of editing your project will need will depend on a number of factors, particularly what stage in the publication process your work is currently at and what publishing options are open to your project. That said, freelance editing services are not going to be necessary or appropriate for every project.

What if I’m not sure what type of editing my project needs?

You can query me at gowerediting @ gmail . com with the subject line “Query: Editing Services” if you are not sure what specific service best fits your need, and I can work with you to determine the best option. I will not charge any editing rates for this time, only for my time working on the project itself if and when we agree upon a service option.

Does my project need professional editing before I submit it for publication/representation?


In recent years, a myth has been going around publishing circles that editors and agents will not look at a manuscript unless it has already been professionally edited. This is false. While authors should at the very least be polishing their own works before submitting them anywhere, it is not necessary to spend money on editorial services for this end. Authors can certainly do so, if they can afford such services and feel that their work would benefit from it, but it is by no means required to be considered by agents and publishers. Publishers will handle the cost of editing if and when they sign on a project.

Are these editing services confidential?

Yes, part of my service includes respecting the privacy and ownership of authors’ works. I will not share the text or utilize it for my own purposes, nor will I discuss details of my editorial projects in public forums, including social media. In the case where I may wish to use an editorial project as a work sample, I will contact the author for express permission to do so after the editing work is complete.

What if I can’t afford your rates?

Currently, my rates are quite a bit below the professional standard (see the Editorial Freelancers Association’s chart for details), and I don’t intend to lower them further. That said, I understand that writing is not always a lucrative business, and many authors who most need to hire freelance editors are the ones least able to pay out of pocket for such services. It is not in my interest to pressure authors into hiring editorial services they cannot afford. My recommendation for writers (especially fiction writers) working a tight budget is to join writing communities to connect with critique partners and beta readers, who are often willing to provide feedback on each other’s works at the developmental level.