Copyediting polishes the text at the paragraph and sentence level. In addition to correcting spelling and grammar mistakes, copyediting also reviews how language flows in a text, providing suggestions on word choice, phrasing, and organization to strengthen and clarify the text.

I offer two types of copyediting services: basic and heavy. Basic copyediting is to check spelling and grammar errors, and heavy copyediting is for authors looking to strengthen the language of their text.

Service details:

  • Copyediting is done to a text via change tracking in word processing software (the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word or the Suggestion feature in Google Docs), in which the editor will suggest changes where necessary. When the copyedits are returned to the author, they will have the ability to accept or reject the changes as they see fit. This protects the author’s creativity and intent in case any apparent “errors” in the text are there for a specific purpose, and it allows the editor a chance to explain their suggestions where needed.
  • The most current edition of The Chicago Manual of Style is used as a reference for standardized spelling and grammar. The Chicago Manual of Style is a recognized standard across the publishing industry.
  • Basic copyediting services will focus primarily on spelling and grammar correction, with relatively few suggestions for strengthening language that is otherwise correct and coherent. Heavy copyediting will provide a greater depth of suggestion for stronger word choice, distinguishing voice, and re-ordering sentences or paragraphs to increase the clarity and impact of the language, all in addition to the standard spelling and grammar corrections.
    • Authors unsure about which level of copyedit their project will need can inquire via the contact information below.
  • Copyediting, especially heavy copyediting, will also cover checks on continuity within the text, as well as some very basic fact checking where the need arises. Copyediting will not substitute in-depth fact-checking for projects that need it.
  • The copyediting stage is recommended for projects that have undergone all the developmental edits and revision they need and are more-or-less finalized in their overall organization and structure.
  • Copyediting services are offered to any genre or length of project, provided that the project is in a written text format.

To query for Copyediting services, contact Jasmine on their Reedsy profile.