Editorial Assessment

For projects that are not yet far enough along for textual editing, authors may still want to discuss editorial aspects of their ongoing or planned creative projects with an editor. Editorial assessment provides authors guidance on the next steps in their projects, including exploring possibilities for genre, format, content, and publication options.

Service details:

  • A conversation between editor and author on projects not yet far enough along for developmental editing but still in need of more structured direction. The assessment can provide advice on any aspect of the project that the author is trying to figure out, from plot elements to possible publication markets.
  • Assessment can take the form of email exchange, instant message, or online call depending on the author’s preference.
  • Recommended for projects that are not yet fully drafted. Authors who have a project that is 90% or more drafted to completion may find developmental editing services more useful.
  • Editorial assessment is available for projects of any length or format, provided it is planned to be written text.

To query for Editorial Assessment services, contact Jasmine on their Reedsy profile.