Sensitivity Editing

Sensitivity editing involves examining the portrayal of marginalized groups within a text written by an author outside of those groups to ensure cultural accuracy and avoid the perpetuation of harmful tropes and misinformation about the marginalized group being represented. Sensitivity editing is often best done early in a project’s lifespan, however, many works also benefit from sensitivity edits at the line level.

Service details:

  • At this time, this service is only being offered for portrayals of genderfluid, genderqueer, androgyne, asexual, demisexual, and/or aromantic characters or people. Projects may be of any length and either fiction or non-fiction, but must be written text.
    • I am not in any way qualified to provide sensitivity edits for BIPOC characters’ racial identities. In the case of characters who fit the categories above but are also BIPOC, I highly recommend reaching out to sensitivity readers who share the character’s racial identity as well as gender/orientation. As I understand that such sensitivity readers may be limited in availability, I am willing to take on sensitivity edits for such characters under certain circumstances with the explicit understanding that I am not able to speak on such characters’ racial portrayals.
  • The sensitivity edit involves reviewing the project to identify problematic aspects that the author can reframe, rework, or remove, recommending appropriate changes to ensure that the marginalized group(s) in question are being portrayed in a respectful and accurate manner while trying to maintain the author’s original voice and story.
  • Sensitivity edits will be delivered to the author via edit letter, which will highlight the points identified above. Authors may request in-text comments rather than an edit letter, which is recommended only for projects that are fully drafted.
  • This stage of editing is recommended for projects that are early in production, from outlining to early drafts, but can be applied at any stage. Please note that if major issues are identified in the sensitivity edit, it will be more difficult for the author to correct the more concrete the project is.
    • For authors seeking additional feedback on other aspects of early-concept projects, pre-developmental consultation may be a more helpful service for the author.

To query for Sensitivity Editing services, contact Jasmine on their Reedsy profile. For the purposes of Reedsy’s sevice categories, Sensitivity Editing is offered and billed under the Developmental Editing umbrella.