Proofreading is the final stage in preparing a text for publication. A proofreading pass will check a text for any lingering spelling or grammar mistakes missed or introduced since copyediting, as well as check that the final formatting functions as intended.

Service details:

  • A final round of checks for glaring spelling or grammar issues in the text.
  • A review of formatting to ensure the project is publication-ready.
  • Proofreading is available only to projects that have already undergone all the revision and copyediting that they need. Projects should be submitted for proofreading as uneditable documents (PDF, EPUB, Word documents marked as Final, etc.) so that final formatting can also be checked in the proofread.
  • Corrections will not be applied directly to the text—correction suggestions will be provided as a separate document with the location of the error and recommended fixes listed.

To query for Proofreading services, contact Jasmine on their Reedsy profile.